Sunday, July 03, 2016

Wireless Handheld Multimedia Computers

The Average home user or a majority of mankind have trouble even when operating a TV remote control. Things are not as simple as a Water Tap or a Toggle Switch. An Easy to use Handheld is more important than any technology or features that may be available for that. Ergonomics, Utility or Application, Quality and Cost are the basic requirements of the consumer.

Wireless Handheld Multimedia Computers

A Handheld gadget for the masses, needs to be a Entertainer and Communicator. It has to be wireless and should at least get into a Coat Inner pocket or Small Bag. It is a Duarble Consumer Electronics Product, comparable to the first Popular Tape Recorders from Philips or Grundig.

Wireless Gigabit Alliance - WiGig 60 GHz

Wifi and WiMax are the things that are being talked-blogged about and being tried. I just got some idea about these technologies and have my feedback or understanding.

If Somebody asked me to set up a low cost wifi connectivity in a small housing complex, I would just strap a wireless router on the pole on every street corner, the poles or junctions being the ones used for existing cable broadband. Then depending on subscriptions and demand, improve the capacity of the network within the budget of the colony.

The handheld can have simultaneous connection to two or three routers and as the person moves, drop a weak path and take up a new router which is strong. This is just my hunch.

The Handheld could be used for three types of wireless connections.
    Full Multimedia Duplex - Like Video Telephone, WebApps - 100 units money charge per hour.

    Semi Multimedia Duplex - Like Interactive Quiz, Games - Up is Text, Down is Video - 50 Units /hr.

    Multimedia Broadcast - Digital Radio Podcast, TV Show Podcast, Movie Podcast - 15 Units/hr.

      The TV and Radio Shows on subscribed podcasts can be downloaded and stored when it is transmitted live; but seen any time, any number of times, but transmitted only once. This is a wireless Transmission with an advance program xml feed info. It is just like Regular TV. This is to avoid bandwidth wastage on multiple downloads of same show by the people in one block. Even software updates and games can be brodcast and stored in background.

      The usage of Internet and phone remains duplex and will take more resources. The handheld usage for entertainment may be very high. Duplex for that will cause excess costly load. Normal usage of Internet for browsing, mail and webapps may become difficult as more entertainment load builds. Entertainment on Handheld is best as a one time brodcast with a advance feed.

      Drawing Tools for Electronic Schematics in Android

      Conclusion - Wireless Handhelds connectivity must have separate interfaces for Web and Media. The Web is the same as Lan Wifi but Movies and Games can be connected by a Broadcast Show. And seen on Handheld by wireless Programmable Live Reception with storage.

      Anantha Narayan around 07-08 - First in Nomadic Computing

      Saturday, July 02, 2016

      Ideas for Android Apps

      One - An app to interface with Sonar, Micro-Camera-Matrix or Micro-Radar Walking Sticks for the aged or people having an impairment. This app can communicate with another user's app, so that a family member or friend can keep a track of him.

      It could be just a walk in the park, Another can sit on the bench and keep him alerted of any tricky negotiations. It also can be computed by a webapp which can Voice-Guide him to safety.

      Ideas for Android Apps

      Two - Wikipedia Search Results combined with an AI Query and Data-mining Engine integrated with a High Quality Text-to-Speech; can help people hear Answers to Questions they ask. Optional pictures and video on a concealed LCD Screen, Packed into a Feather Bag called "Dolly the Know-all Dodo". A witty, impertinent, extra-smart Bird-Bot..

      Three - I listen to music that was created in the Mono Age. You know about Pseudo Stereo, DSP Sound Synthesis too. What if it was a Live Mono-to-Stereo App, That can be be like a filter or effect like in some of the Computer Music Player. This needs to use Touch Screen.

      Play your Mono mp3, run this App. A Hall with all the Music Instruments thrown at one end and a Guy-icon representing you Appears.

      Set the size of the Hall and Acoustic Type. Now for the Ambiance Simulation. Drag Drop the Guy (Listener) to some point in the hall. Similarly move the various instruments to suitable locations. Put the Vocalists on the Stage. The app uses DSP and Fuzzy Logic to Separate and Phase/Delay the sounds. Every time you play the same Song, the Stereo Improves.

      From my "Ideas of delabs"  dated around 2011

      Friday, July 01, 2016

      Gesture Android Tablet - Tweak and Squeeze

      I was forced to Invent again, this time it is a Gesture Tablet. Tweak and Squeeze the Air above Tablet. 3D input device for Android Tablets. - 2011

      A Tablet built with four embedded but slightly tilted cameras in the four corners and a dedicated ARM Input processor. This detects and interprets the 'finger gestures' to enhance the touch experience and also Sketch/Write with dummy stylus/brush.

      Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki

      The software is as complex as speech recognition. For Factory Workers, Thick Skinned or Burly Hands you could totally switch to Gesture Mode.

      Gesture Tablet.

      Even if the Tablet Sports the Gorilla Glass, a Gorilla cannot use it with a Touch Interface, no not even a Chimpanzee. So Gesture Interface in very important for Larger 10 inch tablets. Makes Text input a Breeze and Boosts Gaming and 3D Capabilities.

      How would you like to Make a Painting by just a gentle Swish and Swoosh of a Paintbrush over the Tablet. Even Drum your favorite tune by beating the Air on the Top of the Tablet.

      Then you could create a 3D Sculpture on a Virtual Plaster of Paris block. You just need to download the right App, chisel and chip away the Air on the Tablet. When done, print to the 3D Cloud Printer Provider, a few hours later you collect the 4 numbers of 3D Prototype Prints from the Courier Man.

      DAP Technologies - Mobile Computers

      Let us take the Carrom Game as a Usability or Ergonomics Experiment, this game will be very effective only with a Gesture Tablet.

      I got this idea after writing this feedback related to Touch Interface......

      Butter Fingers and Ironman Thumb Issues

      Not all Men/Women/Neumen are alike. Some have movements with less control and others like Hands-on Miners or Blacksmiths have fingers with a layer of Tough Corny Coat to protect it.

      We need 'Touch Gloves' or 'Touch Thimble'. These will empower even Ironman and 'The Hulk' to use a Tablet, Then only a Military Grade Space Ruggedized Version will do.


      Thursday, June 02, 2016

      Management of Engineering and Technology

      Call it Quotes or Ideas or Instructions, these are thoughts that came from me from the past tech experiences of over twenty years.

      Technologies should scale with Infrastructure. Buildings cannot stress the Foundations meant for. Traffic proportional to Road Width. Sync. Software should not overwhelm or Overload Hardware.

      Raw Materials - Components - Finished Products. The Entire Processing and Design Chain has to improve, if the final Product has to Shine.

      Management of Engineering and Technology

      Value Engineering
      In Engineering High Value products are those that are a combination of Precision Mechanical + Electrical + Analog + Embedded Microcontroller.

      Tools Theory Practice
      Excellent Tools alone are not enough, The Techniques & Methods have to be learnt, Then the Skills have to be acquired by Strenuous Practice.

      Software 7S
      The 7S - Software Should be - Simple, Stable, Spry, Slim, Scalable, Sensible, Scrimping.

      Incremental Coding
      I do incremental coding - code few lines, test, code again, test. Some extra code to interface for test inputs/outputs (virtual instrument). Incremental Coding, Modular. Test Points.

      An Engineered Equation
      ( technologies + skills + processes ) X ( monitored + managed ) = engineering.

      Keep Designs Simple
      Circuit or Code - Keep it Simple, Modular, Reusable, Documented, Controlled, Compact, Clear, Creative, Maintainable, Testable, Tunable.

      Wireless Home Automation and Application Server

      The PC has much Evolved, From XT to AT, then from 286 to 586, the evolutionary trend continues. The Speed: GHz, Space: GB and Software: Linux-XP, have grown rapidly. The other vital things Interface, Networking and Power Consumption moved a bit slower. So some suggestions on the New Desktop for Small Office and Home Standard, that is crucial in the present computing scenario.

      Android Open Accessory Kit -  NXP

      Enterprise Level Hardware and Software can be extrapolated from this idea for a SOHO. An Enterprise is like a SOHO Cluster. One big Homogeneous Entity is unstable and unreliable. When small varied, self-dependent entities collaborate to form an Enterprise, it is a Cluster of SOHOs, which is a Reliable and Resilient Entity.

      From Nomadic Computing

      A Green solution could be New Desktop Computing Standard - The quiescent losses in this is only the wifi server cube, which can serve 6 tablets or UMPC. So if 6-12 people are using computers, many desktops need not be on. Tablets, Laptops and Notebooks consume less power and run on batteries. Thin Custom Notebook and Tablet Clients can use one OpenOffice on the WiFi Application Server cube

      SOHO Desktop Standard
      • The Desktop Home Computer is the Wireless Router, Power Server.
      • SMPS Power Supply runs Both on 230V-110V AC and 12-24 V DC.
      • Home Wifi Computer, Application and Web Server is just a Cube.
      • Wireless Networked Peripherals, Printers, Drives, Viewers, Inputs.
      • Desktop Wifi Server networks 6 Handhelds and 12 peripherals.
      • Wireless Ethernet LCD Monitor-Keyboard for System Admin.
      First posted in 2006 - Ideas of delabs 

      Wednesday, June 01, 2016

      Wireless USB - Wireless Extension to USB

      Wireless USB is the first high-speed wireless personal interconnect technology to meet the needs of multimedia consumer electronics, PC peripherals, and mobile devices. Wireless USB performance is targeted at 480Mbps at 3 meters and 110Mbps at 10 meters.

      I had to put some files from my USB ThumbDrive to Tablet. That needed a Turn on, on my computer and then plugging things on, and a transfer.

      Wireless USB - Wireless Extension to USB

      I saw this innovation earlier. Wireless USB - Wireless Extension to USB. And also a USB Drive like product.

      I feel this type of thing can be made for stand alone Tablet, extra storage or archive. No need to turn on PC.Also, i think, there may be a need (?), for a very small, tiny Wi-Fi Router with 100 GB storage, media and cache management. That can serve 2 or 3 Tablets and 1 or 2 Netbooks.

      Year 2008

      Tuesday, May 03, 2016

      An Android Brain for your Bot

      The Objective - When your Bot has outgrown your Arduino, it wants to talk, an urge to communicate and Network(Social). A larger brain over the smaller control system is the need. Then a Networked Drove of Bots ! is possible.

      Hobby DIY Electronics - Do it Yourself, The World Over.

      Use the Arduino for emulating the role of the Spine and an Android System for the Big Networked brain. You can hack an Economy Android Phone to make your Robot an Einstein.

      Now for Simulating the Soul, which even the most Advanced Robotic Scientist is unaware of; All you need is Cloud.

      An Android Brain for your Bot

      How to do that

      We have to try create some Robots which are Non-Motor based, Soundless, No Rotary action. Minimum Metal Used, Silicone and Epoxy based parts. They will have 3G and Wi-Fi integrated and the Soul, the Intellect and the Instincts can be upgraded In-system online. The Cloud will be God.

      Why the need

      The Robot in Literature - Coppélia

      Coppélia concerns an inventor, Dr Coppelius, who has made a life-size dancing doll. It is so lifelike that Franz, a village swain, becomes infatuated with it and sets aside his true heart's desire, Swanhilde.

      She shows him his folly by dressing as the doll, pretending to make it come to life and ultimately saving him from an untimely end at the hands of the inventor.

      The Truth - Swanhilde and her friends find themselves in a large room filled with people. However, the occupants aren't moving. The girls discover that, rather than people, these are life-size mechanical dolls. They quickly wind them up and watch them move. Swanhilde also finds Coppélia behind a curtain and discovers that she, too, is a doll.

      The sad part of this Opera and The Nutcracker is that Inventors of Bots are shown as Evil Scientists. We have to clear the stigma by making a Giant King Kong Bot.

      First written 2008 in other areas, enhanced post till 2012 - An idea by "Bot with a Soul" Ananth