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Monday, October 05, 2015

Android Tablet ICS Feedback

Let us not make tablets too slim just for fancy, Battery can be a bit bigger and tablet more sturdy. We need more 10 inch and 12 Inch versions. Tablets are the future and serious business. We have to make it the Ultimate Client Computing Instrument.

The SuperPhone has Arrived - it has 12G and WiGig. Storage of 500 Gb on a Mini MEMS HDD. ? - (Mar 2015)

The SuperPhone

ICS Feedback

  1. The list of linked icon items or a webpage with hyperlinks when Scrolled by Swipe Down/Up; leads to accidental trigger for links/icons. Scrolled Tactfully then no Trigger. Example Settings/Apps. Remedy - Hatched Scroll Patch on Right.
  2. Turning off Wi-Fi increases Standby time, quite a lot too. The Mobile Data also could be Turned off when not in use.
  3. Many things like Sync, Brightness, Sleep time can be Tweaked to get better battery life. Some Apps are power hungry.
Butter Fingers and Ironman Thumb Issues

Not all Men/Women/Neumen are alike. Some have movements with less control and others like Hands-on Miners or Blacksmiths have fingers with a layer of Tough Corny Coat to protect it.

We need 'Touch Gloves' or 'Touch Thimble'. These will empower even Ironman and 'The Hulk' to use a Tablet, Then only a Military Grade Space Ruggedized Version will do. 

Too Slim is not Sensible

Nap or Sleep

Other than the Wide Awake fully functional state, there has to be a 'Nap' and the 'Sleep' State.(It is Partial Implement in most tablets)

The Sleep State like Standby will not allow the Apps in memory to continue running and Background tasks like GPS, Pinging, Status Check or alerts must not happen. The battery consumption must be close to the 'Off' State. Using only power for that Quick Awake in place of full boot.

In the Awake State Apps in background like Inactive Games must either close by themselves or consume no power. Many people will forget to close the apps, some apps consume power even when there is no activity in the apps.

The Nap State is a Sleep of a Dog, means half awake, then some background apps can run. Giving alerts by beeps/Led flash if so wanted without the system turning on. This is a Low Power Consumption state which means the Tablet is working - low Resources.

One could have a option to Turn Off, Nap or Sleep. Even the Timed Auto Off can be set to Nap, Sleep or Shutdown as the user Prefers. Default being Sleep with a Alert saying all Background activities are suspended with no alerts. It is the Battery that needs to last.

Need to Dock

Tablets like 10 inch types must come with a Desktop Dock like the Notebook Computers have. Placing in Dock, should just be dropping in a slot and snapping into place. An Integrated Keyboard and USB hub is also needed. The Tablet Battery Charger Circuitry must be designed to go into float or trickle charge when the Tablet is left in the dock for days. No Overcharge fear nor a battery dead tablet due to no charging.

An ability to use the Tablet as Monitor if possible. Means HDMI in/out both, maybe some have these. The Dock can also have the Taskbar Mini LCD using USB. This gives a Clutter free Screen and Desktop Computing Usage. The Dock can have Ampli-Speakers. Do not forget Bass Boost.

We can also build Battery Packs in some of the Tablet-Keyboard Case/Dock. In case of power failure (docks) or in the situation of battery going low during travel (cases)...  The Battery Pack can recharge the tablet at least twice.

Nov 13 - Battery charge condition reporting like 85% should be on a good load. That is we pulse a electronic load and see the battery voltage. Else the battery will show full charge on small loads, even if it is 80% charge. Some hardware take care of this, some do not. Battery full charge can be ensured by an hour of charging after it shows charged on such devices.

Posted first around 2011

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Jelly Bean Update

Not for download, this is just my updates for jelly bean...I am now SystemAdmin for two jellybeans...and an uncompensated consultant for many.. So far .. It is better than others but...2013

Set Google Play Updates to Manual, Do a Manual update weekly of apps in use. What you are sure you do not need, remove.

Use a WiFi Manager and a Battery Manager and "Move to SD card App" to get the bet of your phone and tablet, save power.

Routinely, hourly, check apps that are running and close what is not in use. Close all apps after and before playing a Game.

Bluetooth, Mobile Data, WiFi - switch on only when required as it may .. save battery power, save money, apps are faster.

2014 Storage and Power Equations

Comm Phone - 1 Core CPU - 500 Mb RAM and 2 Gb App Space and 4 Gb Storage and Ext SD 16 Gb - Communications. - 4-5 Inches Screen.

Game Phone - 2 Core CPU - 1 Gb RAM and 8 Gb App Space and 8 Gb Storage and Ext SD 32 Gb - Apps, Games, Tools. -  5-6 Inches Screen.

Power Tablet - 4 Core CPU - 2 Gb RAM and 12 Gb App Space and 16 GB Storage and Ext SD 64 GB - Heavy Games and Apps. -  7-12 Inches Screen.

12-14 inches are Light Convertibles, Two in One, With Keyboard and 64 GB App Space. Like the Asus Transformer.

50 MegaPixel Camera not Included, Please buy a Dedicated Camera ! Devices with Dodeca Core Processor Arrays are not covered in this Stub as I do not have that kinda Moola

Phone makers should not be miserly on flash & partition with extra generosity for the AppSpace. Storage can be managed somehow.

Samsung Phone GT-S7262

The Samsung phone below has 2.5 Gb app Space. 1.5 Gb Storage and 500 Mb RAM. I have added 8 Gb MicroSD. This storage plan is pretty good for small apps and games. It is a 4Gb Flash that has been partitioned where around 2.5 Gb is for Apps including the System, OEM apps that are fixed. Good!

Samsung Phone GT-S7262  - Bought a Samsung Phone- An affordable model Samsung Galaxy Star Pro. My first Android Phone.

This is also my only Samsung Brand product in this decade. My first Introduction to Mr. Samsung was a CRT Monitor Kit in the Eighties. It was used with XT IBM 'Type' Horizontal PC. It was the ones with Green Characters. It came in a Fiber Glass Monitor Case.

In those days many people wanted to manufacture these Analog Monitors. I even later made a portable pattern generator to test them.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

KitKat and Panasonic P55

This is the Panasonic P55 Android Mobile/SmartPhone with KitKat. Posted first in Jan-2015. This phone has been a Pleasant Experience so far, two months passed. I need to buy a SD card and Bluetooth Speaker soon.

KitKat and Panasonic P55

Other Feedback

PortableApps could make a similar solution for Android. So we could use more Apps from external SD or Flash Drive. The new Wi-Fi capable TeraByte Drives make PortableApps very very Special!?

Unrelated to above, but related to all tablets and portable computing.

Vital Needs for Tablets to move Ahead

HardDisk makers could make a Disk for Tablets. Think of MEMS, Linear Array Movements, CCD Heads.

HDD Brainstorm - Tangential Thinking is needed to create a new Hard-disc for Tablets to Augment the flash disk.

Power Base - Gadget with Storage, Power Pack, Dock, DVD drive for easy integration with tablet or smartphone.

Bluetooth or "Wireless USB" Speakers can be in "Power Base".

Android OS to detect more peripherals like DVD and run applications of a Network Drive so utility expands.

Conclusion on Portable Devices 2015

Devices with Screen Sizes Seven Inches and above in any OS are usable and practical for Viewing Websites, Blogs, CMS and WebApps. Hence it may not be practical to make your websites or blogs to work on small screens, as not much work can be done.

Dedicated Mobile versions of sites with summaries or updates, like it was long ago, may be useful but may need to be replaced with an app. In other words smaller devices like your Five inch smartphone on a Slim Battery with no mouse or large keyboard, on an expensive data network, is not a full fledged business or browsing tool. The way to approach this is only with Apps suited for such screens, usability and networks.

So use an App for 5 inch Mobile 3G devices. Websites for above 7 Inches WiFi devices like Tablets, Notebooks and Computers.

5-6 inch and Less Use Only App --|||-- 7 inch to 30 inch Responsive with Font Zoom -- |||-- TV Zoom All & Font Zoom+

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Post under Thick Glass

Keep a three square feet and 5mm thick unbreakable Glass Sheet with smooth non-injurious edges; on your desktop. You can then slip some very important memos, that are routine, write on a white sheet with colored sketch pen; slip under glass. This will ensure you dont' miss the routine "thing to do". Post it notes also works well, but this "Post under Thick Glass" is more tamper proof and reliable.

Then now that we have Tablet Computers with Quick Boot and Low Power. You can Install Stickies. Things could not be better.


Also one thing to remember when you go Tablet Shopping. Insist on Gorilla Glass, it is class.

Make products that last longer, E-Waste has to reduce. Product Emphasis must be "Sensible and Simple".
Software and Hardware need to Mutate.

The Power of an Operating System is in the Free and Paid Quality Third Party Apps and Products.

Netbooks and Tablets are Global and Green. Green, 'cause they draw less power. Global, 'cause its World Wide Web Enabled.

I think Netbooks/Tablets at 200$ and Notebooks/Nettops at 400$ is what most can afford. It also extends the online user base.

San at 2009-10

Monday, September 14, 2015

SmartWindow with Economy Dust Frame

Windows and Ventilators can have a Dust Frame or Solid Curtain. This can be fixed to windows like the Venetian Blinds but have to be leak proof on on the four sides. Mainly for Tropical and Equatorial Climates or Dusty areas near Roads etc.

SmartWindow with Economy Dust Frame

Theory Points of Study

Layer-1 - Blocks most reptiles and Insects. Mosquitos to Fruit Flies. Aperture of Grid 1 sq mm. Material Aluminum.

Layer-2 - Another Layer similar to above, but facing the Outside Garden/Road. Aluminum Mesh 5 sq mm holes, resist Big Rats and others. It is thick and strong. Prevent Small Animals, Birds too.

The layers are as large as windows and are separated by 5-10mm by 12 nylon spacers. These may have small pins fixed in the gap in many places for "Action of Points" .

Electronics -

Layer-1 is anode, Layer-2 is cathode. Very High Voltage of Very Low Current, ionize air and coagulate dust, smells, pollen and other floating colloids. The plates when touched by Humans cannot cause any harm. Current less that 100 microamps. This ionizer powered by an isolated 24V adapter, draws very low power so it can be kept on all the times

Gaurd Layers -

Finger Gaurd layers on either side made of a decorative design with apertures smaller than fingers made of Environment Resistant Plastic or Epoxy. The layers are as large as the windows and can be the aesthetic part.

Solar Air Cleaner and Humidifier ACH Option

This is a Solar energy based Air Cleaner and Humidifier that covers 1/4 of the window like a Box-Slab at the Top of Window. It is optional and an addon internal module to the DustFrame.

The Solar Panel is as wide as window and fitted on top of windows at an angle outside. The length can be around 6 inches or less. The ACH fitted inside is 1/4th or less the height of window. The rest of window 3/4 is open for fresh air but the air is cleaned by ionizer frame like in explanation above.

The 1/4 ACH is a Box 6 inches deep on the inside, it is sealed but with a place to pour or guide water thru a mini water pipe, like the tubes used in Intravenous Systems used in hospitals. 

The water collects at bottom of the box and drawn upward by a capillary action by an array of cotton wicks in matrix formation. The wicks grow from the floor of box to top.

Tiny row of low power fans powered by solar and rechargeable battery, draw air thru the ionizer layer and blows on the wicks array. The air exiting from this box is cool, clean and recharged with some humidity. it could also be one fan with long vertical geared turbine barrel plastic fin too, this sucks the air and blows on the wet wicks.

This system reduces dust, toxic colloids and allergy causants. It also prevents mosquito, flies, rodents and other small pests. It recharges the air with some humidity that keeps the room healthy and fresh. It consumes very low power and can be run on solar energy. The wet wicks also add a bit of cooling if the air is too warm.

Idea - Anantha Narayan - Open Hardware - cannot be patented. Can be used by all. - Sep12