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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Internet and Intranet of Things - IoT

When Intelligent Devices (embedded systems) are privately and securely networked, it is called the Intranet of Things. This is like a Home-Office-Business private closed Cloud. This is ideal for Home and Infrastructure Automation and even Big Business or SMB Automation.

The Internet of Things - IoT is the Superset. It could be Secure and Private but still vulnerable to security lapses and breakdowns. This could send devices, robots and machines Berserk.

In all Networked Environments we have to have fallback arrangements when network fails or is compromised or even slow due to peak hour internet traffic.

Internet and Intranet of Things - IoT

WSN - Wireless Sensor Networks and M2M - Machine to Machine Data Communication;

M2M and WSN is a closed private Intranet network that is used in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation. Here we could use data sync to Interface it with the Web or Internet. This enables passive controls and monitoring of SCADA or Machine Status, yet very Secure.

COR - Collaborative Online Robotics - This is like team work for bots. Big tasks can be accomplished by very small and weak robots. Example - Observe Ants and Bees.    

All these only mean Wireless Networked Intelligent Embedded Systems. They could be machines, appliance, robot or gadget. The brain is both on the device and in the Clouds.

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Digital Future Outlook - TCP/IP

The Television of the future may just be connected to one Broadband Cable, it could be Optical Fiber termination point too. The Smart TV will be fully Web Capable, Browser, Apps and Games.

The Satellite Program download and streaming will be a job of the Broadband Access provider. He will have the programs stored at nodal points and stream to the TV that demand it.

Learn about Wireless here Wireless Connectivity - Texas Instruments

Any tablet at home will be able to move from TV to Computer mode, by the Fling of just a Browser. All will be connected on the home WiGig network.

The Family Pad

The Family Pad

The Mobile Phones and SmartPhones will be things of the Past, just like the Gramophone. Netbooks, Nettops and Tablets of different sizes will be available to suit any function.

Learn more about Device Networking - Multi-Tech Embedded Communications Solutions

Communication by Voice, SMS or Video Chat will be possible on any Tablet or the TV or the Mini-Tablet Communicator in your pocket. The Phone Connection and Service will be on VoIP on the same WiFi, WiMax indoors or Outdoors. These will be achieved by a chain of modular mini WiMax relays. The need for Towers will be only in the Far Suburbs and Rural Areas. Then they also will be WiMax Towers.

Everything will be on the Internet Protocol - TCP/IP

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

So What is the Cache

When pages from the web are downloaded to your computer. A page means a html page, like "mypage.html", with a lot of bells, whistles and flashers. These are javascript, flash and images like png-jpg-gif and even mp3-mpeg. Some have scripts that make the pages smart, these are pages that can think and react, they are Live Pages. This makes your page work with a array of computers from a service provider and behave like a software application.

Linutop - Low Power Thin Web Client

So What is the Cache

This page and its accessories when downloaded to your computer are stored as files, in an allocated area on your computer. You can view them when you go offline and delete them from your browser history. This is the local computer cache.

In order to speed up the internet such cache of pages may be made at cyber cafes, Internet service providers and other servers in the path, or even at the host. It may be more important for mp3 and mpeg than for simple pages, to make web run smooth. These caches are also flushed periodically.

I feel as web grows, there may be a cache on every pole, at every street corner. Then you can use your computer to watch HDTV.

Sometimes due to stubborn cache in the browser, isp server or host, the files you uploaded, may not show up in the browser. So this is a trick you can use, when you just cant wait.

Delete the file at host, reload your browser a few times till that element does not show on the page, upload the new replacement image or script. Now view page in browser after clearing history. Reload if required. You will see the new updated element.

If it is an xml, js or any other file you have to submit to a webapp for testing, but it does not respond due to cache. Rename and submit file, each time.

delabs Notes 2006

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Speech to Text and Text to Speech Devices

This was an idea for Apps like Twitter and Email i got few years back when i used to use twitter. This is for any device phone or laptop a user interface for people who need it like when Cooking or Driving. People with disabilities or injuries. BlackBerry Phone had a nice incorporation of the text to action.

Added in 2015

We have three things Text-2-Speech, Speech-2-Text, Text-2-Action. This makes any Gadget, Gizmo or Computer Interface with a Human without the use of Limbs.

This may prove tricky in IoT with multiple Intelligent Connected Gadgets at Home and Office. So you give each gizmo a Name; Andy, Sally, etc..

Just cry "Sally make my Oats-Milk-Chocolate" and the IoT Breakfast maker will throw you a Bowl of Steaming, Nutritious and Incredibility Delicious Morning ChocoOats.

Or Shout "Andy gimme a Shave". Then a Quad-copter powered Electric Shaving System will hover Around your Beard, Till its done. You can keep reading your Newspaper. Things are getting easier than you imagined.

2009 Note Below -

Two Ideas for Twitter Plus - MultiMedia Twitter. Tweet Spoke - Feature Idea - Audio Tweet, 14 Spoken Words or 14 Seconds of Voice Message. Alternative to Thumbing.

Tweet Spoke + A Text to Speech Engine Server Side. With Adaptive Mimicry Voice Synthesizer for that Twitter User ID. Trained by Tweet Spoke.

From My delabs Tweet Spoken Idea in Twitter

A MultiMedia Service without too much local or server load. Short Compressed Audio Files Recorded and Rendered by Flash Inline Inserts on the Web Application.

Speech talking calculator by Telesensory Systems
A Vintage Speech Equipment The Speech+ talking calculator by Telesensory Systems, Inc.

First idea enables people who just cannot type their message, and need to speak a few words, which is recorded by microphone and sent like a Compressed Voice mail.

Second Idea depends on first idea to train a server side (cloud) engine, a Text to Speech tuned by earlier voice messages.

When a person cannot read the text, like when driving or in a private gathering, he can press read all incoming messages. Then the server will process text to speech matched according to the User ID Speech Profile and Read out loud in his Headphones.

San 2010

Saturday, January 02, 2016

iGoogle Widgets and The First App Store

iGoogle the father of Web 2.0 - iGoogle shaped and inspired many technologies. To name a few, The Web UI Frameworks and the Community App Store Idea. Even though the "Desktop" was just a webpage and the apps were web widgets.

The Gadget API access could be any web app or Google Service. I made a Online Desktop in its memory. The Jot Desktop

iGoogle the father of Web 2

The Chumby Device posted earlier had this Chumby ARM Board. You could program the Widgets that could scroll or cycle thru the screen. Like News, Clock or Weather. The App Store was available but the device had to be configured unlike the Apps on the Phone today, which is much easier. This was the first App-Store that worked with a Touch-Screen Gadget, before iPod or Android came.

Then ARM core deserves a lot of credit. but the 300MHz board you see below was an early step. The 1GHZ ARM that came a bit later makes the SmartPhone a powerful Web, Gaming, Social, Office and Utility App Console that makes the "Smart" part of a HandHeld Mobile Device or Telephone.

Chumby ARM Board

For Youtube of 460p you need that 1GHz ARM. Then...when you have Youtube what more do you want. The Angels have answered our prayers. I like watching Vintage Cartoons and i do not want to waste much Energy.

The Desktop Computer wastes a lot of power but a HandHeld Gadget is green, sustainable. A 10" Tablet is the best way. So do not wait buy some Tablets and SmartPhones and use your Desktop Computer when necessary. Make Planet Earth Last.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Chumby Mini Embedded Computer

These are types of the Chumby Mini Web Computer, it was a Web Widget App System with Touch Interface. Innovative System ahead of its time. It manifested in 2006 even before iPod Touch (2007).

Success of iGoogle in 2005 with Mini Web Apps and a Free App Store like System. The Desktop widgets of Yahoo, Google Desktop Search who created a Apps Shop or App Vending Store formed the ideas.

These innovations and rapid Hardware size shrinking, low power chips, flash+, wireless and broadband technology boost have lead to the Smartphones you see today, like iPhone and Android.

Chumby Web Computer

Chumby Mini Embedded Computer

I made this post today when many facts feel in place and i came to the conclusion that the Android SmartPhones, iPhones, AppStore manifested from the concepts of touch usability, widgets etc. that came from gadgets like chumby and web services like iGoogle, both are gone today - ananth

Monday, October 05, 2015

KitKat Tablets and SmartPhones

Feedback and ideas on Android Tablet and SmartPhones with KitKat. Posted first in Jan-2015. This but related to all tablets and portable computing. Vital Needs for Tablets to move Ahead.

KitKat Tablets and SmartPhones

HardDisk makers could make a Disk for Tablets. Think of MEMS, Linear Array Movements, CCD Heads.

HDD Brainstorm - Tangential Thinking is needed to create a new Hard-disc for Tablets to Augment the flash disk.

Power Base - Gadget with Storage, Power Pack, Dock, DVD drive for easy integration with tablet or smartphone.

Bluetooth or "Wireless USB" Speakers can be in "Power Base".

Android OS to detect more peripherals like DVD and run applications of a Network Drive so utility expands.

Conclusion on Portable Devices 2015

Devices with Screen Sizes Seven Inches and above in any OS are usable and practical for Viewing Websites, Blogs, CMS and WebApps. Hence it may not be practical to make your websites or blogs to work on small screens, as not much work can be done.

Dedicated Mobile versions of sites with summaries or updates, like it was long ago, may be useful but may need to be replaced with an app. In other words smaller devices like your Five inch smartphone on a Slim Battery with no mouse or large keyboard, on an expensive data network, is not a full fledged business or browsing tool. The way to approach this is only with Apps suited for such screens, usability and networks.

So use an App for 5 inch Mobile 3G devices. Websites for above 7 Inches WiFi devices like Tablets, Notebooks and Computers.

5-6 inch and Less Use Only App --|||-- 7 inch to 30 inch Responsive with Font Zoom -- |||-- TV Zoom All & Font Zoom+