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Wireless Handheld Multimedia Computers

posted Mar 24, 2014, 11:23 PM by Anantha Narayan

The Average home user or a majority of mankind have trouble even when operating a TV remote control. Things are not as simple as a Water Tap or a Toggle Switch. An Easy to use Handheld is more important than any technology or features that may be available for that. Ergonomics, Utility or Application, Quality and Cost are the basic requirements of the consumer.

A Handheld gadget for the masses, needs to be a Entertainer and Communicator. It has to be wireless and should at least get into a Coat Inner pocket or Small Bag. It is a Duarble Consumer Electronics Product, comparable to the first Popular Tape Recorders from Philips or Grundig.

Wireless Handheld Multimedia Computers

Wifi and WiMax are the things that are being talked-blogged about and being tried. I just got some idea about these technologies and have my feedback or understanding.

If Somebody asked me to set up a low cost wifi connectivity in a small housing complex, I would just strap a wireless router on the pole on every street corner, the poles or junctions being the ones used for existing cable broadband. Then depending on subscriptions and demand, improve the capacity of the network within the budget of the colony.

The handheld can have simultaneous connection to two or three routers and as the person moves, drop a weak path and take up a new router which is strong. This is just my hunch.

The Handheld could be used for three types of wireless connections.

Full Multimedia Duplex - Like Video Telephone, WebApps - 100 units money charge per hour.

Semi Multimedia Duplex - Like Interactive Quiz, Games - Up is Text, Down is Video - 50 Units /hr.

Multimedia Broadcast - Digital Radio Podcast, TV Show Podcast, Movie Podcast - 15 Units/hr.

The TV and Radio Shows on subscribed podcasts can be downloaded and stored when it is transmitted live; but seen any time, any number of times, but transmitted only once. This is a wireless Transmission with an advance program xml feed info. It is just like Regular TV. This is to avoid bandwidth wastage on multiple downloads of same show by the people in one block. Even software updates and games can be brodcast and stored in background.

The usage of Internet and phone remains duplex and will take more resources. The handheld usage for entertainment may be very high. Duplex for that will cause excess costly load. Normal usage of Internet for browsing, mail and webapps may become difficult as more entertainment load builds. Entertainment on Handheld is best as a one time brodcast with a advance feed.

Conclusion - Wireless Handhelds connectivity must have separate interfaces for Web and Media. The Web is the same as Lan Wifi but Movies and Games can be connected by a Broadcast Show. And seen on Handheld by wireless Programmable Live Reception with storage.

Anantha Narayan around 07-08 - First in Nomadic Computing

Mobile Handheld Gadget Ideas

posted Mar 24, 2014, 9:11 PM by Anantha Narayan

XML-HTML FM Radio - FM Radio enhancements

FM radios consume less power and are affordable, now we should add a small LCD display like you have in cellphones. Xml should be frequency modulated and transmitted by fm stations in adjoining bands.

Xml is demodulated by fm radio and displayed in the lcd display on radio. This way news can be transmitted to many people without internet or tcp/ip. This is just one way broadcast of xml or html information, it need very less freq. Even html, jpeg, png and flash can be broadcast by fm radio. Product advertisements can also be sent in this format. Just tune into your xml fm radio station with your color lcd portable radio and presto news, ads, pictures, semi static but can reach millions. The radio tuner can tab over different stations.

Mobile Handheld Gadget Ideas

Phone Numbers as URLs in HandHelds hhtp

Phone numbers are getting longer and longer as population grows and users also increase. Long numbers cannot be in memory and difficult to key in. The telephone instrument should have a alphanumeric keyboard and phone numbers should be like tom.phone or chang.phone.china this is easy to key in and numbers are 10, alphabets are 26 you will get 36 char. Per position instead of only 10, infrastructure will be different, but there is no other way. Anyway my phone string is ........


hhtp stands for Hand Held Telly Phone - VOIP - TCP/IP - Wi-Fi - WiMax -Why Not ?

(Notes/Ideas around 2004, first put in Ideas of delabs)

Online Security in Embedded Systems

posted Mar 24, 2014, 8:08 PM by Anantha Narayan

These days many gadgets with embedded systems are being used. iPhones, Netbooks and Desktop Clients. Many of these are used to make secure transactions for buying products online. In the future procurement may be as simple as Search-Buy-Collect.

Search involves websites, stores and product reviews etc. .Collect involves the Shipment Delivery, which is a time-tested established system. The Buy is the most important and needs to be secure for both the Buyer and Supplier.

The secure transaction process has improved. I am not aware of the fine aspects. But i do know there is encryption and also the NIC number of Ethernet cards etc. I have some thought, It may already be known, yet i think i will note it here.

Online Security in Embedded Systems

 Processor manufactures and Chip IP makers are standardized. The Secure CPU makers should obtain a license for secure CPU, which will be a CPU but with a Secure Transaction Chip with Unique Identification Code engraved within. Each Chip is unique and a replacement of CPU needs new authentication for all transactions. No two chips are made the same, the unique numbers are not on flash (like BIOS), but digitally etched-burnt with indelible e-ink. So when a person makes transaction his computer is more securely authorized. More security options like GPS in CPU for big transactions, these computers will be expensive too.

Just take this books library of mine as example, delabs Library. A person pays a subscription fee to read in the library for a few hours or owns a book online. The library can securely deliver pages only for online viewing. Only one Login from the User ID, either on his portable device or Desktop Client. Both the CPU numbers are in the records of the user profile. A secure circulating library or books store is possible. Many may not buy, but may be members. Some may buy a hard copy and own electronic versions as it is search able and easy notes can be made. Publishers can offer books for circulation or ownership and set their prices.

(First posted in delabs Notes 2006 - Then in Nomadic Computing 2007)

PC User Interface and Wireless Power

posted Mar 24, 2014, 7:15 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Mar 24, 2014, 7:19 AM ]

I got a Wireless Mouse from people who roast rss-xml. They gave me a mouse for interesting errors on my part. This mouse led me to buy two pairs of NiCd AA 1.2V and a Charger.Every three days i have to change a set of AA Cells. It is working out nicely, the wireless mouse is an advantage that you cannot ignore. Each time a sync has to be made between the mouse and an USB RF device.

Show on the right is a planar transformer which has PCB tracks for winding. This show that there is more scope of innovation in such ferrite transformers for short range wireless power.

PC User Interface and Wireless Power

Objects kept on a electromagnetic table must be able to draw energy from that. A Notebook or tablet can be just placed on this table to get charged.

The optic ball-less mouse is a great step in mice-tech user-interface. This mouse consumes more power, for a wireless mouse a capacitive sensor matrix based sensing may be better.

Touch Screen on PC is not common place. A combination of Touch screen and Mouse is excellent for all age-groups. Large monitors can have at least two inches of touch screen area at bottom.

I have take one step towards green energy - see tweet below….

I Moved to TFT LCD Monitor Today, My Oscilloscope is the only Equipment Having a Vacuum Tube. LCD is Green, from 150 Watts to just 25 Watts.

This makes my UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) last longer and it reduces electricity costs.

 Wireless Power for Wireless Peripherals

Wireless Mouse with capacitive sensors may consume less power, no batteries works on a Supercap, Connector-less ferrite dock for recharging

Wireless mouse rechargeable battery can recharge while moving on the Mouse Pad made of Ferrite/Ceramic 1′ Sq with Power Hot Spots every 3″

Flexible Ferrite, Silicone & Ferrite based Solid emulsion. Can be made as computer table mats to charge the supercaps of peripherals. - Idea

The Energy Efficient Wireless Peripherals can just be placed on this mat to draw the power without wires. Wireless power and Wireless Data.

Usability and Erognomics Tweets

Usability and Ergonomics of Electronic Consumer Equipment, product risks and safety are best studied with very old and very young people.

Personal Computers, Netbooks, Portable Communicating Devices, Remote Controls are where Usability Issues abound, and can be studied/remedied.

The Apple iPod touch is an Academic Example of Design Engineering approaching ideal Man-Machine Interface

Anantha Narayan delabs - 2009

Embedded Linux Devices and Gadgets

posted Mar 24, 2014, 4:14 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Mar 24, 2014, 7:06 AM ]

When you look at the History of Operating Systems, you will see that that an OS that meant serious business was UNIX. It was the anvil for the creation of the C Language and AWK. Now we have Linux, the evolved Unix like OS, which is comfortable and versatile for Networking and Clustering.

Embedded Linux is not only Open Source, but can be adapted to any type of dedicated embedded system. It is more like a configurable firmware for Embedded Equipment. Its ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently makes it more friendly and stable, compared to any other OS.

Related Reading

Here is a Embedded Linux Wiki for the embedded product design community.

Gadgets and Appliances are become increasingly complex. More memory and CPU power for small devices are commonplace. Linux is one OS that can be muntzed to the smallest size. This helps developers make something like a super-firmware. Just what you need for that device, can be the OS.

Touchscreens for Home Appliances, wireless networking and web enabled consumer electronics make Linux an excellent escalation from "Firmware". For tiny systems a firmware is the OS. For complex devices today, Linux is user configured firmware.

Linux devices

Leopardboard DM355

  • High-performance Digital Media System on Chip 
  • ARM926EJ-S core 
  • Video Processing Subsystem (VPSS) 

DM355 combines high performance MPEG4 HD (720p) codecs and JPEG codecs up to 50M pixels per second, high quality, and low power consumption at a very low price point.

Seamless interface to most additional external devices required for a complete digital camera implementation.

Surgical Tools useful for Manufacturing

posted Mar 23, 2014, 4:53 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Mar 24, 2014, 4:08 AM ]

Long ago, i was making and supplying some hybrid electronics to some firms. The soldering and handling required some tools and custom jigs which were designed. As the product was mass produced, some tools for managing and working on Tiny PCB's and parts were not available in the market.

So a affordable solution was created, the jigs were supplemented by surgical tools. These are the Clips and Tweezers that a doctor uses when he conducts an operation.

Surgical Tools useful for Manufacturing

Let use see one here an Hemostat Clamp and other tools at P J Tool and Supply

Call it Forceps, Tweezers or Pliers. These tools, both the bent/arched/curved one and straight are useful.

There could be many more, visit a dentist too. check up your molars and when he is away, browse around and figure what's useful for electronics. Do not touch any tool or try them, remember he is a Dentist.

When you go to a Surgical Supplies Store, do not disclose the purpose of the visit. Pretend to be a Student of Zoology.

Buy some Filter Paper, capillary tubes and a spirit lamp as well. These can find a lot of use in the ultimate quest for the God Particle. Beat the Swiss to it.

Real World Interface

posted Mar 23, 2014, 4:50 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Mar 24, 2014, 7:07 AM ]

I just got a letter from a US firm enquiringly about my transmitters. It read something like ...

".....Mini RTD Pt100 Three Wire Transmitter is commercially available? We may be interested in both the 100 ohm RTD input as well as the 1K ohm RTD input types"

Real world

I do not respond to product enquiries as i do not "Make" anymore. But, this letter is about a design of mine that is published in my pages. It is a low cost transmitter anybody can build. Study my Circuits FAQ where some such letters are published. I may now reply only mail that stimulates me, and appears genuine enough. If you are an engineer in the US, try making these, a better way possibly, and serve people using online stores. Online shops should offer Cards, Cheque and Cash-On-Delivery to enable all types of customers. Items in a store must reach clients, inside 7 days. Other products should be cataloged with prices, outside store application.

Small manufacturers have to get their profile and products across. Just building a site is not enough, you need to advertise. People search for solutions, by proper advertising you can get tuned/filtered visitors to your website. These people were looking for solutions and you are looking for customers.

Other "promotional techniques" get you a lot of visitors. Even "ranking high in search results" gets you "Visitors". This traffic is like Kids looking for Chip-n-Dale landing in a Vertical Niche Product Catalog for Steam Turbines. This will just build bandwidth cost for you, but you will have a nice feeling you are getting Visitors. This may even make your site slow for the rare real visitors, who want to buy your products/services. So think smart, nothing comes easy, lot of hard (straight) work.

First Posted in Mar 2010

Tablets Slates to rule

posted Mar 23, 2014, 4:37 AM by Anantha Narayan

Tablets and Slates based on OpenSource OS. Even OpenHardware Tablets. This is a collage of various blurbs of mine in my other pages.

Tablets Slates to rule

Why Tablets ?
  1. People want computing to be Personal and Portable and hassle free. With less Maintenance Tasks.
  2. Low Power or Green is the order of the Age, Fuel and Energy is not as easy, expensive and depleting.
  3. Low Carbon Footprint, The global carbon footprint of making, selling and scrapping tablets is low.
  4. The Technologies have evolved in Flash, Battery, CPU, OS, GUI, LCD, SMT and most Electronic Parts.
  5. Online - Web Computing and Cloud Computing offers Safer Storage and Powerful Web Applications.
Most Important Specs. - Low Power, Wireless, Portable, Secure, Simple. The Browser is the Most and Only Important part of this Computer. I saw devices that are like Tablets. Handhelds, Nettops, Smart TV Computers. Low Power and enable to use the Internet on TV or any Display Device. Android is a nice Gadget OS, customise it to make your own device.

I have made a stub Tablets Slates - EEMetric.

EDA and Product Design Ideas

posted Mar 18, 2014, 7:46 PM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Mar 19, 2014, 2:17 AM ]

Some Ideas of mine that were put in delabs Tweeter, related to EDA and Product Design

Product Design Optimization

Make Practical (it works), Affordable, Usable (ergonomics), Safe, Reliable (robust), Durable/Consistent & Maintainable (Servicing) Products.

Scope and Sine

Dust and Contamination in Connectors

Once i opened a RF Millivolt Meter of Marconi Instruments. It did not have a spec of dust inside, not even one micron size of dust particle.

Connectors exposed to Environment should not only be Corrosion resistant but also Dust, Grime & Insect Proof! Dummy Covers on exposed units.

Air Vents, Fans & Unused Slots in Modular Instruments. Missing Fasteners in cabinets, gaps in panel components collect Dust & Insects inside

Dust + Moisture + Smoke + Pollutants = Conductive Grime Deposits on PCB, Parts & in-between the IC pins. Can Simulation include this aspect.

Virtual Environmental Testing a part of simulation and EDA, just like Mechanical Modelling and Studying Thermal Gradients on PCB.

Robust Products

Use a Servo Stabilizer or CVT Constant Voltage Transformer or at least an Isolation Transformer. The First Defense form HV Surges, Spikes.

High Voltage Polyester & Polypropylene Metallized Capacitors in Stepdown Supplies should be Fire Retardant & Self Healing with a MOV too.

Tropicalized means immunity or resistance of an equipment in conditions of varied Temperature, RH, Insects, Fungus, Brine, small life form.

Reliability by Simplicity 

Vital controls should be Simple Electromechanical. Supervisory and Fine Automatic controls are in Embedded Computing. Mechanical Overrides!

<< More Reliable - Mechanical, Electrical, Analog, Digital, Embedded System (Firmware), Computing System (OS+Software) - Less Reliable >>

For a given quality level, more the components or parameters, may reduce reliability. Simpler the solution, more reliable it could be.

Visual Embedded RAD for EDA

posted Mar 18, 2014, 7:44 PM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Mar 19, 2014, 12:37 AM ]

Just like an electronic circuit is a graphical representation of what will be on the PCB. Firmware development should be a 2D graphical diagram of what goes into eeprom. An example is the Ladder Logic software that can program 80C51 types in a Fanuc, Allen Bradley or Siemens PLCs. Then many people can do at least restricted firmware programming for some embedded solutions.

Visual Embedded RAD. This is more like code snippets inserted in code in the background when user drags and drops a Hardware Function or Program Method. The Environment is Visual, but Code is compact as same modules or blocks used. There is no C or Intermediate Language. Visual to Binary Hex Direct.

 Visual Embedded RAD for EDA

(Idea - Mar-04, Revised again - 4 April 2008, Nature - Open Source Anantha Narayan )

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