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I have used a few images from OpenClipart to add some emphasis. 

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Big Chief Grey Brain got Big Data

posted May 29, 2015, 12:21 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated May 29, 2015, 12:23 AM ]

Usability and Ergonomics Review

Aggregated Ideas from 2008-12

Optical Rotary Encoders, Magnetic/Eddy/Capacitive/Hall Effect based Non-Contact Joysticks, Makes Human An analog Interface with Digital Output.

For the people who type with two fingers; A Circular Keyboard is right. A Capacitive Touch Gesture Pad can replace the Mouse. Health & Ergo.

The Apple iPod touch is an Academic Example of Design Engineering approaching ideal Man-Machine Interface.

Personal Computers, Netbooks, Portable Communicating Devices, Remote Controls are where Usability Issues abound, and can be studied/remedied.

Big Chief Grey Brain got Big Data

Big Chief Grey Brain got Big Data

Big Deal - 2014 - This funny phrase & post of mine in my computing & software blog a few years back made BigData a buzz word.

Usability and Ergonomics of Electronic Consumer Equipment, product risks and safety are best studied with very old and very young people

Wireless Mouse with capacitive sensors may consume less power, no batteries works on a Supercap, Connector-less ferrite dock for recharging.

Wireless mouse rechargeable battery can recharge while moving on the Mouse Pad made of Ferrite/Ceramic 1' Sq with Power Hot Spots every 3".

Flexible Ferrite, Silicone & Ferrite based Solid emulsion. Can be made as computer table mats to charge the supercaps of peripherals. The Energy Efficient Wireless Peripherals can just be placed on this mat to draw the power without wires. Wireless power and Wireless Data.

Desktop Computing Future

posted Apr 28, 2015, 1:12 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated May 1, 2015, 10:10 PM ]

Wish we could Stop making Desktop Computers that are Energy Guzzlers by 2020. The Laptop/Notebook Electronics Design Architecture could be Ported to the Desktop Computer Physical Framework.
Desktop Computing Future

This makes Battery Operated Lean Desktops that can always be on Float Charge. Temporary mobility and convertibles are also possible. Power Failure proof.

A flexi ferrite table cover to wireless charge mouse, printer and keyboard batteries. An additional Lan with Wi-fi to network with all the Peripherals. This gets rid of the Cable Clutter and Device Drivers for Peripherals.

Device Interface

Wireless USB has not still been adopted as a standard for peripheral interface. (not to be confused with Wi-Fi USB sticks). BlueTooth is good but does not completely address Easy Peripheral Interface in terms of usability etc. This may help the Desktop Comp.

Nettops use less power and are the Desktops of Tomorrow, with cloud computing and wireless storage these are the essential devices to go to Green Computing and the Client-Server Architecture with the Cloud in mind. We need both Intranet-Cloud and Internet-Cloud. 

Each PC should have Two Wi-Fi. One for Device Networking and the other is for Web and Networking. Device Networking means adding Smart Peripherals without Drivers. Example Wi-Fi External HDD and Wi-Fi Printer. 


Rapid on off Power can Damage Hardisk. Transport of PC over rumbling Terrain, PC or Notebook drop on Hard Surface, Impulsive Jerks of Table on which Desktop Comp is placed; can mean, that your data and device is a goner. Maybe Desktops should use the more mobile Notebook Drives or external portable drives (technology), as these consume less power and are more robust. 

(old and new notes of mine since 2007)

All flash Field Replaceable

posted Apr 27, 2015, 4:33 AM by Anantha Narayan

Make all Flash Memory in Home Appliance, Gadgets and computers - Easily Replaceable and Field Replaceable. If possible replaceable by layman like batteries. 

All flash Field Replaceable
Many people are having problems and high costs of service, as equipment and devices made over the last few years have flash that is hard to replace and source.

The only flash that can be SMT and Soldered could be the ones loaded with "Static Software or Firmware". That means that area of memory that is subjected to very less write cycles. Even Firmware that is frequently updated should be on an replaceable module.

I first experienced flash usage in a 8051 based Fuel Dispensing Unit we were developing in the late 80s. It was a SEEQ chip with 10K Full Erase/Write Cycles. it was a pin-2-pin replacement for 2732 UVPROM (kilo bytes). It later needed a piggyback timer.

Flash has developed immensely since, It lasts much longer and goes to Giga Bytes Storage. Giga Byte was BigData in the 90s.

Also Frequent software updates must be written as an overlay over the "Static Software". Some patches expose new vulnerabilities, So keep all Security Patches on a External SDCARD as a database/code source for a firewall within the "StaticWare".

Keep all frequently up-gradable parts of a firmware in a easily replaceable device called "DynamicWare" which includes the Interface/Internet areas and all that is susceptible, vulnerable, UI and young-and-growing sections.

So we have StaticWare Flash for OS, DynaWare Flash for Updates/Fixes/Apps. and External Flash for media/apps. The StaticWare alone can be SMT Hard Soldered into PCB, this should have enough smartness to upgrade device on Wi-FI with barebone GUI.

Gizmos and Gadgets that consume more batteries can be supplied with easily pluggable battery and spare battery with charger. This way the battery can be quick replaced when drained, rather than charging the device. This reduces system downtime.

- 2014

SmartUmbrella and SUN

posted Nov 8, 2014, 8:31 PM by Anantha Narayan

There are places like your Backyard, outdoors, a village... where your Gadgets will stop working !!! 

 You will feel suffocated when your Smartphone or Tablet fails to respond to your caring strokes. Your Dupey is perishing due to Undernourishment. All you need is "Electronic Solar Umbrella" which was invented by me Ananth of delabs on June 1st 2014.

The Red Light is for Data Networking SmartUmbrellas using Advanced Multi-Threaded Infra Red Technology. 

SUN - Smart Umbrella Networking - I just invented the SmartUmbrella

SUN - Smart Umbrella Networking - I just invented the SmartUmbrella

My Drone is Rushing to the Patent Office. (Keep this confidential till my drone returns safely, some people are using Blimps with Large Magnets to capture Drones.)

From my - delabs.org - Product Design Electronic Product Design is not only about Aesthetics and Affordable Price, but also Reliability, Safety, Longevity & Maintainability.

Evolution of The SmartWatch

posted Oct 4, 2014, 7:40 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Oct 4, 2014, 7:51 AM ]

This is not a HandHeld Gizmo but a Gizmo that Holds your Hand. Gadgets that Cling to the Body. Wearable Wireless Computers. The first Smart Wristwatch according to my knowledge was created by Casio. It was not as smart as the chaps below, but had many functions including a calculator and calender,

Release of databank telephone number storage wristwatch CD-40

January 1984 - "Casio released watches with various advanced features, including a calculator function (C-80 released in 1980), and a dictionary function (T-1500 Walking Dictionary released in 1982). The company wanted to see the wristwatch evolve from a simple device for telling time to an information device on the wrist."

Casio databank telephone number storage wristwatch

"This watch further advanced the concept of an information device on the wrist, and became a major hit product, selling a record total of six million units in the five years after its release."

A smartwatch or smart watch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping, and is often comparable to a personal digital assistant (PDA) device

Earlier post in delabs Notes
(Posted many years ago in my other tech blogs and sites.)

When i saw this i remember my High School friend Abhi (Abhinandan), he had built an advanced DIY Wrist Watch with LED Display and Radio, there was a temperature display too. A Gizmo WristWatch around 1980!

This Gizmo got many students wildly interested in Electronics. He also developed a Learning Kit 'Chip Chap' for 555. An Innovative Education Kit Developer Dynam was making it..

Here is one such Temperature, Wireless, USB Data Logger Watch Development Tool. But for an entirely New Generation. - Ananth

eZ430-Chronos wireless watch - TI

The eZ430-Chronos is a highly integrated, wearable wireless development system based for the CC430 in a sports watch. It may be used as a reference platform for watch systems, a personal display for personal area networks, or as a wireless sensor node for remote data collection.

Update 1

Geek Wristwatch Utopia

I also discovered that iPod Touch nano was also made into a Wristwatch by a small iPod accessory maker. His firm was probably later bought by apple.....Here are some images of this concept.

Geek Wristwatch Utopia

Update 2

Evolution of SmartWatch

The Samsung Smartwatch started with Android, now they have a Tizen version, this watch may be a good experimental hardware for Embedded Systems hackers to test out their own custom linux firmware !

Updated 2014

The Lucy Pad - Accessibility Enhanced Phone

posted Oct 4, 2014, 7:38 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Oct 4, 2014, 7:47 AM ]

Another idea for the Shameless Idea Squirrels. Who include "Designers" and "Companies" who knock of my ideas and even take credit for it. Patent it and then call it their "Innovation"

But for Lucy i will do it again...Open Hardware Ideas
The Lucy Pad - Accessibility Enhanced Phone

For old people and people with impaired hearing or sight, people with shaky fingers, do we have a solution?

Usability and Accessibility Enhancements

We need phones and pads for Senior Citizen. (i am myself moving close to that region at 48).

Phones/Tablets for Handicapped and Injured/hospitalized people.

Communication, Games, Browsing and Utilities for them. Yet it needs to be affordable and Robust to take Falls, Grime, Water and Heat.

It must be able to yell and scream when it is far from the owner. All we need is a Bluetooth wearable pendent with microphone.

He can also call his name like "monty rascal, where are you". The Smart+Phone will respond loudly "Over Here you Nut" from the locked desk drawer. Reminds you of Dilbert's Dupey.

When charge is low, it has to create a tantrum till it is fed...up. Some pricey models can have tiny wheels to move to the closest charging bunk. Some Vacuum Cleaners are able to move and recharge themselves.

When a SMS lands, it is able to read out loud and take a reply by voice and send it at once. Similarly the email could work on the tablets, all hands-free. The speakers and quality audio are on the phone/pad and the pendent is just an additional microphone with bluetooth and vibrator with a titillate option.

Incoming phone calls can move in tandem with an answering device and make loud Audio Visual Effects to get the attention of the Owner. The caller cannot wait, so the answering machine takes the call, says "please wait" and then rings the Alert Alarm Bells and even vibrates the Pendent. The Senior now can talk to the pendent and will get the caller's voice loud on the Phone. The Phone Audio has to be very good and loud.

SmartPowerPacks or PowerBanks+ can be the Charging Stations. The Power Packs with docks can have the wheels and intelligence to recharge the phone on alert, they will also recharge themselves from the mains power, whenever required.

Expensive Phone or PowerPack Models can have Drone Mode. I say this emphatically because the Dilbert Dupey develops wings after the mutation, This indicates that quad-copters, drones were predicted. It could be that, One fine Day the SmartPhone+ may Fly!

Note -

An higher intelligence or an advanced life form has been trying to express itself thru Scott Adams. Research the Dilbert Books and Y2K DVD now !!

May be continued here later.- The Lucy Pad - Accessibility Enhanced Phone. post your views and ideas at my community Gizmos Gadgets Apps

Aug 2014 - Anantha Narayan

Wireless Handheld Multimedia Computers

posted Mar 24, 2014, 11:23 PM by Anantha Narayan

The Average home user or a majority of mankind have trouble even when operating a TV remote control. Things are not as simple as a Water Tap or a Toggle Switch. An Easy to use Handheld is more important than any technology or features that may be available for that. Ergonomics, Utility or Application, Quality and Cost are the basic requirements of the consumer.

A Handheld gadget for the masses, needs to be a Entertainer and Communicator. It has to be wireless and should at least get into a Coat Inner pocket or Small Bag. It is a Duarble Consumer Electronics Product, comparable to the first Popular Tape Recorders from Philips or Grundig.

Wireless Handheld Multimedia Computers

Wifi and WiMax are the things that are being talked-blogged about and being tried. I just got some idea about these technologies and have my feedback or understanding.

If Somebody asked me to set up a low cost wifi connectivity in a small housing complex, I would just strap a wireless router on the pole on every street corner, the poles or junctions being the ones used for existing cable broadband. Then depending on subscriptions and demand, improve the capacity of the network within the budget of the colony.

The handheld can have simultaneous connection to two or three routers and as the person moves, drop a weak path and take up a new router which is strong. This is just my hunch.

The Handheld could be used for three types of wireless connections.

Full Multimedia Duplex - Like Video Telephone, WebApps - 100 units money charge per hour.

Semi Multimedia Duplex - Like Interactive Quiz, Games - Up is Text, Down is Video - 50 Units /hr.

Multimedia Broadcast - Digital Radio Podcast, TV Show Podcast, Movie Podcast - 15 Units/hr.

The TV and Radio Shows on subscribed podcasts can be downloaded and stored when it is transmitted live; but seen any time, any number of times, but transmitted only once. This is a wireless Transmission with an advance program xml feed info. It is just like Regular TV. This is to avoid bandwidth wastage on multiple downloads of same show by the people in one block. Even software updates and games can be brodcast and stored in background.

The usage of Internet and phone remains duplex and will take more resources. The handheld usage for entertainment may be very high. Duplex for that will cause excess costly load. Normal usage of Internet for browsing, mail and webapps may become difficult as more entertainment load builds. Entertainment on Handheld is best as a one time brodcast with a advance feed.

Conclusion - Wireless Handhelds connectivity must have separate interfaces for Web and Media. The Web is the same as Lan Wifi but Movies and Games can be connected by a Broadcast Show. And seen on Handheld by wireless Programmable Live Reception with storage.

Anantha Narayan around 07-08 - First in Nomadic Computing

Mobile Handheld Gadget Ideas

posted Mar 24, 2014, 9:11 PM by Anantha Narayan

XML-HTML FM Radio - FM Radio enhancements

FM radios consume less power and are affordable, now we should add a small LCD display like you have in cellphones. Xml should be frequency modulated and transmitted by fm stations in adjoining bands.

Xml is demodulated by fm radio and displayed in the lcd display on radio. This way news can be transmitted to many people without internet or tcp/ip. This is just one way broadcast of xml or html information, it need very less freq. Even html, jpeg, png and flash can be broadcast by fm radio. Product advertisements can also be sent in this format. Just tune into your xml fm radio station with your color lcd portable radio and presto news, ads, pictures, semi static but can reach millions. The radio tuner can tab over different stations.

Mobile Handheld Gadget Ideas

Phone Numbers as URLs in HandHelds hhtp

Phone numbers are getting longer and longer as population grows and users also increase. Long numbers cannot be in memory and difficult to key in. The telephone instrument should have a alphanumeric keyboard and phone numbers should be like tom.phone or chang.phone.china this is easy to key in and numbers are 10, alphabets are 26 you will get 36 char. Per position instead of only 10, infrastructure will be different, but there is no other way. Anyway my phone string is ........


hhtp stands for Hand Held Telly Phone - VOIP - TCP/IP - Wi-Fi - WiMax -Why Not ?

(Notes/Ideas around 2004, first put in Ideas of delabs)

Online Security in Embedded Systems

posted Mar 24, 2014, 8:08 PM by Anantha Narayan

These days many gadgets with embedded systems are being used. iPhones, Netbooks and Desktop Clients. Many of these are used to make secure transactions for buying products online. In the future procurement may be as simple as Search-Buy-Collect.

Search involves websites, stores and product reviews etc. .Collect involves the Shipment Delivery, which is a time-tested established system. The Buy is the most important and needs to be secure for both the Buyer and Supplier.

The secure transaction process has improved. I am not aware of the fine aspects. But i do know there is encryption and also the NIC number of Ethernet cards etc. I have some thought, It may already be known, yet i think i will note it here.

Online Security in Embedded Systems

 Processor manufactures and Chip IP makers are standardized. The Secure CPU makers should obtain a license for secure CPU, which will be a CPU but with a Secure Transaction Chip with Unique Identification Code engraved within. Each Chip is unique and a replacement of CPU needs new authentication for all transactions. No two chips are made the same, the unique numbers are not on flash (like BIOS), but digitally etched-burnt with indelible e-ink. So when a person makes transaction his computer is more securely authorized. More security options like GPS in CPU for big transactions, these computers will be expensive too.

Just take this books library of mine as example, delabs Library. A person pays a subscription fee to read in the library for a few hours or owns a book online. The library can securely deliver pages only for online viewing. Only one Login from the User ID, either on his portable device or Desktop Client. Both the CPU numbers are in the records of the user profile. A secure circulating library or books store is possible. Many may not buy, but may be members. Some may buy a hard copy and own electronic versions as it is search able and easy notes can be made. Publishers can offer books for circulation or ownership and set their prices.

(First posted in delabs Notes 2006 - Then in Nomadic Computing 2007)

PC User Interface and Wireless Power

posted Mar 24, 2014, 7:15 AM by Anantha Narayan   [ updated Mar 24, 2014, 7:19 AM ]

I got a Wireless Mouse from people who roast rss-xml. They gave me a mouse for interesting errors on my part. This mouse led me to buy two pairs of NiCd AA 1.2V and a Charger.Every three days i have to change a set of AA Cells. It is working out nicely, the wireless mouse is an advantage that you cannot ignore. Each time a sync has to be made between the mouse and an USB RF device.

Show on the right is a planar transformer which has PCB tracks for winding. This show that there is more scope of innovation in such ferrite transformers for short range wireless power.

PC User Interface and Wireless Power

Objects kept on a electromagnetic table must be able to draw energy from that. A Notebook or tablet can be just placed on this table to get charged.

The optic ball-less mouse is a great step in mice-tech user-interface. This mouse consumes more power, for a wireless mouse a capacitive sensor matrix based sensing may be better.

Touch Screen on PC is not common place. A combination of Touch screen and Mouse is excellent for all age-groups. Large monitors can have at least two inches of touch screen area at bottom.

I have take one step towards green energy - see tweet below….

I Moved to TFT LCD Monitor Today, My Oscilloscope is the only Equipment Having a Vacuum Tube. LCD is Green, from 150 Watts to just 25 Watts.

This makes my UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) last longer and it reduces electricity costs.

 Wireless Power for Wireless Peripherals

Wireless Mouse with capacitive sensors may consume less power, no batteries works on a Supercap, Connector-less ferrite dock for recharging

Wireless mouse rechargeable battery can recharge while moving on the Mouse Pad made of Ferrite/Ceramic 1′ Sq with Power Hot Spots every 3″

Flexible Ferrite, Silicone & Ferrite based Solid emulsion. Can be made as computer table mats to charge the supercaps of peripherals. - Idea

The Energy Efficient Wireless Peripherals can just be placed on this mat to draw the power without wires. Wireless power and Wireless Data.

Usability and Erognomics Tweets

Usability and Ergonomics of Electronic Consumer Equipment, product risks and safety are best studied with very old and very young people.

Personal Computers, Netbooks, Portable Communicating Devices, Remote Controls are where Usability Issues abound, and can be studied/remedied.

The Apple iPod touch is an Academic Example of Design Engineering approaching ideal Man-Machine Interface

Anantha Narayan delabs - 2009

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